Pyar Ka Tohfa Tera{Khaternak Jbl Mix}{Dj Roni Diara}


#Pyar_Ka_Tofa_Tera #2020_Speacial #Dj_Roni_Diara

Pyar Ka Tohfa Tera{Khaternak Jbl Mix}{Dj Roni Diara}

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▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Dj Roni Diara Music Notis👉👉👉 is gane ko Lekar Kisi Ki Dharm ya Kisi Jaat ki asuvidha hoti hai to comment Karke Bata diya jaye is gane ko delete kar diya Jayega Is gane ka maqsad Kisi Ke Dil Ko thes pahuchana nahin hai isliye is e Manoranjan ke liye Banaya Gaya Hai dhanyavad **For Respected Owners or copyright holders** Ager Apko Is Song Ko Le Ke Kuch Appatti Hai..To 12 Hours Ke Ander Ye Song Hata Diya Jaye Ga..Pls Strike Na Kare

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Name Download Pyar Ka Tohfa Tera{Khaternak Jbl Mix}{Dj Roni Diara}
Dj Roni Diara
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Uploaded On 29 December 2019