MacOS But It's Windows 11... [ Make Windows 11 look like MacOS ] 2021


📌In this video I show you, How to make Windows 11 look like MacOS for free! After you follow this Tutorial you will be learn how to add some macOS functionality and MacOS Look, to windows 11.


⌚ Timestamps

00:00 Intro
00:20 Install MacOS Taskbar
02:23 Customizing the Dock
03:06 Changing the Icons
03:50 Adding Software's to the Taskbar
05:04 Installing the Dropout
06:44 Installing PowerToise
07:55 Make Taskbar Transparent
08:41 MacOS Cursor
09:36 Final Result
09:44 How to Uninstall
12:00 Outro




📍MacOS Taskbar




📍.Net Core 3.1


📍MacOS Cursor Pack

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