Poppy Playtime Chapter 2: The Story So Far... (Cartoon Animation)


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Poppy and Player look for Huggy Wuggy after he was taken by the evil new spider toy Mommy Long Legs! They travel through the depths of the under construction Chapter 2 together, trying to avoid her horrible wrath! Eventually they become overwhelmed by a bunch of Huggy Wuggies of different colors.

Mommy Long Legs captures Player in a dark tunnel and tells him her life story. She was once a tall young high schooler with long legs from a growth spurt named Molly. All the popular girls made fun of her for tripping during gym class and playing with dolls. After Molly gets a job working at Playtime Co, she accidentally falls into a vat of pink goo that transforms her into the awful monster she is today.

Mommy Long Legs wraps Player in a deadly spider web cacoon, but before she can drag him back to her awful lair, Daddy Long Legs appears! Daddy Long Legs is a giant red and black spider created by Playtime Co to be Mommy Long Legs' companion. Now in order to free Poppy and Huggy Wuggy, Player must get them to fight! Who will win? Watch the whole episode to find out!

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Name Download Poppy Playtime Chapter 2: The Story So Far... (Cartoon Animation)
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Uploaded On 26 March 2022
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