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Hey adventurers! In today's animated compilation, we will be bringing you your top 20 favorite minisodes in the year 2019! Are you be able to name and identify all popular twenty animals in this episode?

Here are all of the amazing animals featured in today’s compilation:

• Asian Elephant
• Rothschild's Giraffe
• Orca
• Malayan Pangolin
• South African Cheetah
• Sumatran Orangutan
• Komodo Dragon
• Indian Star Tortoise
• Estuarine Crocodile
• Reindeer
• Malayan Tiger
• Sumatran Rhino
• Mola
• Asian Palm Civet
• California Sea Lion
• Pygmy Hippo
• Dugong
• Indian Peacock
• Honey Bee
• Sun Bear

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