Friendships DESTROYED! Forcing YouTube Animators to Betray Each Other!


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Make sure to check out the MAAFIA game in full camera mode to see how we all reacted/freaked out during the rounds~

Playing games with friends is fun. Talking to YouTubers is fun. Lying and deceit... can also be fun.

But what happens when you combine all three? Brain damage. But also this video, where Storytime Animators try to manipulate each other during a game of MAAFIA and end up destroying their friendships in the process.

Thank you to @RushLight Invader, @Laddi, @PantslessPajamas, @Emirichu, @GinjaNinjaOwO , @Sultan Sketches, @Alex's Corner, @illymation, @TheOdd1sOut and @Ice Cream Sandwich for joining me on this game! Please check them out if you enjoyed their presence on this video :)

Major thanks to my team:
Kai (Animator/Storyboarder) -
Lupa (Animator/Storyboarder) -
Hexrin (Animator/Storyboarder) -
Abnormal Chaos (Animator/Character Designer) -
DotDotDotty (Animator) -
MissRiahGames (Animator) -
MashUpArt (Animator) -
Hann (Storyboarder) -
Airoah (Storyboarder) -

NuNu91011 (BG Artist/Thumbnail Artist) -
Bella Drawson (BG Artist) -
Toiame (BG Artist) -
Becky (BG Artist) -
Mimitsuuu (BG Artist) -
Rynthie (BG Artist) -
Pepiot (BG Artist) -

KnockOutWolf (Editor) -
Zade (Editor) -

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