How To Perform The ZIP Glitch In Elden Ring - An Addendum Video


The Zip Glitch in Elden Ring is arguably the most broken glitch in the whole game and allows for traversing a ton of distance in a single frame and is exploited by Elden Ring speedrunners to beat the game in under 6 minutes.

In my most recent video "How Do Zips Work?" I covered what a Zip actually is. But, in this extensive 22 minute video, I'll break Zips down even more. And cover the manual setup that was requested a lot, talk about consistency improvements, answer frequently asked questions and more so please enjoy!

Comprehensive document on Zips (created by ViRazY)

Metronome Timings Helper (Software)

GUI Macro (AutoHotkey Script)

Zip Timings Trainer (Cheat Engine Table)

Performance Readout (FPS.ct) (Cheat Engine Table)

Velocity Readout (Cheat Engine Table)

"Elden Ring Dissected #2 - Even MORE Fall Damage Stuff" by illusory wall

"How Do Zips Work in Elden Ring?" (First video)

"How Do MEGA Zips Work in Elden Ring?"

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0:00 Intro
1:03 What Is A Zip?
3:08 I. System Requirements
5:52 II. Weapon Setups and Animation Timings
8:28 III. Mega Zips, Offset Cycles etc.
10:37 IV. Manual Zip Setup
14:24 V. Consistency Improvements
17:10 VI. Frequently Asked Questions
21:26 Outro